Are you Drinking Alone?

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In this age of over-the-counter medication, we are all used to the idea that if we have an ailment, whether that be a headache, indigestion or some other physical gripe, we take a chemical substance to relieve it. But how many of us ever stop to think about our use of non-prescribed substances to manage…

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Anxiety: the Silent Killer!

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Depression consists of up to 70% anxiety symptoms, which include fear-based thoughts (e.g. ‘they will laugh at me if I do that’); an inability to function, constant checking (for example, whether you have secured the house or switched off the oven) and sleep disturbance. There can also be a severe impact on our bodies in…

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Abuse & the Abused: Understanding the Journey to Safety & Health

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Abuse takes many forms but it generally means that a person or people are making another or others hurt. Whether you are a child, adult, teenager; male, female, GLBT; rich, poor; educated or not, anyone of us can be subjected to abuse. There are certain steps that we have to take immediately when working with…

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‘Stuckness’ & Breaking Free

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Being stuck in a painful or unsatisfactory situation is one of the most unhappy experiences a person can suffer and underlies many of the ailments for which people seek (or do not seek) counselling and psychotherapy. Individuals can be bound by their own habit-patterns, for example in the way they react to situations (with anger,…

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