Acton-Coles Clinics is set up to help a broad set of people with varied issues and problems.

Our partners can help with:


An individual may feel that they cannot cope or that things cannot stay the same; there needs to be a change….


Relationships naturally have their good times and their not so good but if your relationship has become intolerable, unbearable or dangerous then you need to consider seeking help as soon as you are able. Michael and his colleagues are Relate-trained.


Families are a system of dynamics, personalities and characters mixed in with behaviour, thoughts and feelings. And in this day and age, with partners and family structures ever-changing, there are even more ingredients to the mix.

Young People

Whatever may be going on for a young person, seeking help is the most sensible and smart thing to do. It is the children/young people that do not, or aren’t able to, access help that become a worry.


Glen Gibson – Counselling & Psychotherapy in Central London