Michael Acton-Coles Acclinics Couples Therapy Southernhay Exeter

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Michael Acton-Coles Acclinics Couples Therapy Relate Southernhay Exeter

We are Relate-trained and qualified relationship specialists.

Relationships naturally have their good times and their not so good but if your relationship has become intolerable,unbearable or dangerous then you need to consider seeking help as soon as you are able. Even if your partner does not want to access help at this moment we can still do a lot of good work with you!

Sometimes taking the first step to access help outside of your relationship may make you feel a slight tinge of guilt or wariness. These are quite normal feelings. Trusting and sharing issues can be the first time you are cementing the fact that there is something fundamentally wrong and that it is just not working. If your relationship experiences violence or any type of abuse you need to work out a safe way forward to access therapy.

Relationship therapy differs somewhat to individual therapy because the focus is on the relationship and the dynamic and behaviour between the people in the relationship. Although individual issues do play a large role in couples work we will keep your relationship focus at the forefront of your therapy so that we can seek a quick and long lasting resolution.